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3.5kg Smoked Andarl Pork Shoulder
Dry brined overnight with sugar & salt, rubbed with our blend of spices and smoked over applewood for 12 hours until perfectly tender.

House made dough, proven overnight and finished on our wood burning grill.

Peanut Rayu
Toasted & crushed peanut & sesame mix. Delicious sprinkles for your meat & flatbread… leftovers can be used on your eggs the next morning too! 

Apple Hoisin
Our own Asian twist (5 spice & Star Anise) on some local apples & converting them into a great sauce for your feast.

Black Garlic & Lemon Yoghurt
Provides acidity & freshness to cut through the moorishness of the pork. 

House Pickles 

Roasties, Brown Butter Miso Mayo
North Dublin spuds steamed & cooked in beef fat with brown butter & miso mayo . They've been called ‘Crack Spuds’! 

Charred Peach, Courgette, Goat’s Cheese
Seasonal peaches, marinated & charred with courgette, herb dressing & Ardsallagh Goat’s cheese.

Wedge Salad, Pickled Garlic Scape Dressing
Baby Gem sourced from Sean Hussey’s well selected local growers. Sweet & sour dressing using Drummond House garlic scapes. 

Fennel Slaw
Shaved Fennel & Carrot, Sesame Seeds with Korean Dressing. 

BoSsam Feast

A feast which centres around a 3.5-4kg piece of Andarl Farm Pork Shoulder which has been dry brined with sugar & salt, rubbed with our house blend of spices and smoked over applewood for 12 hours. We prepare it so it's meltingly tender and you can simply tear it up with tongs and serve it alongside our house flatbreads, condiments, pickles & sides. Great for family dinners, parties, Sunday lunches etc. This is a meal kit experience like no other. The BoSsam feeds 4 if you're starving, 6 if you're very very hungry and even 8 if you're clever! The items which need to be reheated can be done entirely indoors or on a BBQ with easy instructions included. We've done 99% of the job, you can't mess it up! The kit is good for 4 full days after receiving it, so you don't need to worry about using it the day it arrives. If you have leftovers we have given you some great ideas on how to use them up. For more information see 'Bo Ssam' highlights on our instagram page.
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